Thursday, June 16, 2011

100% Raw Eastern USA Open

The American Challenge final event is this weekend in Iowa and the results of all the meets will be out next week. Look for the lifters from the Virginia Regional to do very well.

The next event on the schedule will be on July 30th. The 100% Raw Eastern USA Open at Powerhouse Gym in Woodbridge, VA. The meet will be single lift BP-DL-SC each lift has its own awards and placing by age and wt class. State and National records can be set and meet will be held in kilos using Ivanko plates. I will have the Strict Curl Platform there as well. Three foot tall trophies and custom 100% Raw medals will be given out for awards to all lifters.

Entry Forms are online @

If you are not lifting and would like to help in any way contact by e mail